Software Academy

xPlug Software Academy is a special ICT training programme designed to teach young IT enthusiasts (Post-Secondary School Students, Undergraduates, Graduates etc.) the standards, best-practices and approaches to software development and other related ICT skills from basic to advanced levels. Students admitted to the programme undergo comprehensive training on the rudiments and intricacies of software development and are groomed to become professionals with relevant theoretical and practical knowledge required to develop enterprise software applications.

Programme Timelines

As a Learner

Application opens: 1st May 2019
Closing date: 19th May 2019
Test: 25th of May 2019
Interview: 31st May and 1st June 2019
Resumption: 15th June 2019


Standards / Best Practices in Software Development: At xPlug Software Academy, emphasis is on practicals with an adaptation to industry standards / best practice approach to software development.

Career Advisory Services: Admitted students get free career advisory services from experienced professionals in their quest to select the right career path based on their strengths and interests.

Mentorship: Students are assigned to mentors in their chosen career path. These mentors are saddled with the responsibility of guiding the students professionally during and after the programme.

Internships & Recommendation: Outstanding students are offered internship opportunities with xPlug Technologies and positive recommendations to other top software development companies in Nigeria.

Certificate of Completion: Certificates are issued to graduates of the academy upon completion of the programme. This certificate can be verified by potential employers anytime.

Career Progression: The programme gives students the opportunity to progressively advance their careers in their chosen fields.

Scholarships: Special scholarships will be awarded to outstanding students for higher levels of the programme.

Learning Paths

Web Application development

This provides a series of courses that will cover HTML, CSS3, Javascript and jQuery. You'll learn the rudiments of web programming which will guide you in the development of your website and applications.

Mobile development

Learn how to build great mobile apps for today's smartphones. You'll learn it all - from basics to front-end/back-end development and get your apps published.


This path will help you build the foundation for a solid career in UX designs. You'll be able to build web interfaces (HTML and CSS), create graphics and wireframes, build UX portfolios and interactive prototypes.

Business Analysis

In this learning path, you'll acquire the skills to document, analyse and communicate business needs and requirements using agile methodology.

Quality Assurance

This path provides the knowledge and skills required to analyse and solve problems in software products. You'll learn how to find bugs, document test plans and communicate changes in development process.

Project Management

Learn all processes involved in managing teams and projects from beginning to end using proven project-management techniques.